Hello beautiful reader!

You are no doubt super excited about your upcoming photo shoot, and of course, want to look your best. Perhaps you’ve had a photo shoot before and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Or maybe, this is a new experience for you. Maybe you’re wondering, “What should I wear?” “Where should I have my photos taken?” “Will my photographer provide props?” “How do I pose so as to look my best?”Well, those are excellent questions! Being well prepared for your shoot will ensure that you feel comfortable, look amazing, and capture the best possible moments. So, with this in mind, I’ve compiled a selection of images & articles on Pinterest specifically for giving you ideas, tips, and inspiration for whatever kind of shoot you have booked. Check it out here & hit follow!

For quick reference, here are my top tips & info:

When selecting what to wear, try to avoid white & other luminous colours, as they tend to become overexposed.
Coordinate outfits! For couple, family, or any sort of group photos, selecting a common colour scheme is very important. That does NOT mean that you all need to be matchy-matchy. Rather, just select outfits which go well together & compliment each other. For a super wide variety of examples, check here.
Plan your outfits well enough in advance. Thus you can avoid that last minute realisation that the dress you wanted to wear is in the laundry!
Personally, I’m not big on props. I prefer to focus on you & your loved ones, creating natural & relaxed memories. But a few well chosen items can add fun & variety to your photo session, so please feel free to bring along any props you’d like to include. A vintage chair, that quilt Ouma made, fresh flowers, matching sneakers, a picnic blanket, a chalkboard sign. For babies, a mirror, finger pains, a basin full of bubble-bath, blowing bubbles, a cake, block letters, and so many more ideas.
If you have a location in mind for your photos to be taken, please do not hesitate to suggest it.
Some wonderful options from which you could choose are, a quiet stretch of beach, a park, a local attraction (such as an amusement park), a wooded area, a coffee shop, a rooftop, a playground, or even your own home. I am always up for shooting at interesting locations, so let’s get creative!
First off, just relax! Be natural, have fun, hug, kiss, get close, laugh. The best shots are always the ones where you’re being yourself. Trying to get the kids & hubby to line up and smile for the camera through gritted teeth is unlikely to bring out their best side! My recommendation is always to keep things chilled & relaxed. That having been said, be prepared. If you have just a few ideas in mind for poses you’d like to do, or shots you’d like to get, you’re more likely to be at ease. Here are some posing tips to help you show off your best side.
Extra suggestions:
If you are on holiday, book your shoot for early in your holiday, so that in the event of bad weather, you have time to reschedule. Also, be careful not to get sunburnt before your shoot! I wont be able to ‘photoshop’ that out! (hehe)
If you have little ones, bring along a few things to occupy them – favourite toys, beach ball, bikes, etc. Also it’s a great idea to bring a sweet treat or two – when it comes to cooperating for a shoot, there’s no shame in offering a little incentive to the uncooperative toddler! Meltdowns do happen though, and that’s okay! Don’t feel bad when your kids run out of patience for sitting still, your baby gets crabby, or your toddler decides that they are ‘so done’. We’ll work around them & still get plenty of great captures!

Here’s looking forward to your photo session!